"I can highly recommend seeing Heidi!!

In December I saw her for my first Kinesiology session. I have been battling an autoimmune condition for the past 15 years. I tried many main stream as well as alternative approaches without much success over years. In that regards, I was open minded but did not expect much at the same time from Kinesiology.

Once my treatment ended I instantly felt that something had shifted to the better for me. I am not ‘healed’ yet but I have the feeling that I am in the right track to be ‘healed’ one day.

I recently had my second treatment with Heidi and that again set something in motion what was desperately needed.

Again, I can highly recommend seeing Heidi and trusting her with your health!"

Vanessa A - 05/02/2021

"I was not sure what to expect on my first session. I certainly did not have any expectations of it working. I wasn't even sure of what cure I was looking for or even what kinesiology is However, that evening I did not feel flat like I have been for a couple of years now. I literally felt in balance inwardly. More a peace with myself and so with my family. The session was not intrusive either physically or emotionally and yet there was change. What Heidi said made sense. She was thorough and professional. And understanding. I would be happy to recommend Heidi to anyone. Personally, I'm looking forward to the next session.

Danuta P - 04/07/2020"

"Heidi was gentle, caring and intune with both my mares! One of whom was out in her neck and she’s been feeling a lot better since seeing Heidi. The other recently had a Pasternak injury that was still swollen, Heidi released some of that tension and now my little mare has been running around the paddock feeling much better! Thank you so much Heidi, I can really see a difference in my girls."

Maddi D


"Heidi is professional and always sends me a reminder message for our session. During my treatments I have felt many emotional releases and I leave feeling grounded, balanced and relief from the build up of stress in my body. During and after my treatments I feel a shift with my breathing and I leave feeling more adapt to manage my emotions and the daily stresses of life."

Zara H


"We highly recommend Heidi for her services of both Piano lessons for our 10yr old son Harley and her knowledge and love of horses.
Harley enjoys his lessons each week with Heidi and loves to put on a show for us to show us what and how much he has learnt. 👏
Heidi teaches from the comfort of her home and always keeps me up to scratch on his learning.

Thank you so much. ♥️♥️♥️"

Mia M


"Had a wonderful Touch for Health Posture focused session with Heidi. I have noticed big changes in just one session in my pelvis and shoulders and am feeling much straighter. Pain in my shoulder has also been significantly reduced. Amazing stuff!"

Susan H


"As a horse rider I am really enjoying having Heidi help me release long standing patterns in my physical and emotional body with Touch for Health. I've only ridden once since my first session with Heidi but my horse was so much more relaxed than usual and I was in so much less pain. Over the years I have had some significant releases from chronic pain with some other modalities but my 2 sessions with Heidi have achieved another level of change and release altogether. And she has given me small exercises to continue at home."

Linda D


"I did the EMMETT 4 horses short course.

Heidi is a brilliant teacher and definitely knows her stuff! The 6 hour course was really informative but super easy to understand. Pretty incredible seeing how a light touch can make such a difference. Looking forward to learning more!"

McKayla Y


"Today I went and had a treatment with Heidi, my body has been suffering lately with a lot of lower back pain, stiffness and numbing in my lower limbs and some general Emotional and physical blocks.

I went to see what Heidi could offer me, as I was intrigued by her techniques.

After my treatment I have minimal pain, much better flow in my body and I feel at peace with myself again - tho I an aware some of my stiffness will take time to shift I got off of the table feeling different and different in a good way.

Thank you Heidi for showing me your ways and I will defiantly be back again."

Joanne C


"Thanks Heidi, prompt professional service covering a multitude of therapies. Ponies loved it ."

Veronica N


"Heidi is very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. 😊 After my kinesiology session I feel so much more energised and able to cope with things. She was able to pin point the things I've been struggling with without asking intrusive or uncomfortable questions and find ways for me to help myself. Highly recommend 😇"

Eva P


"I am so thankful that I came across Heidi . She has been so helpful for me and my children . I’ve learnt so much during our sessions about the connection with emotions and our body and I have felt a huge positive difference after our sessions 🌸"

Nicole M


"Thank you Heidi for the amazing distance balance. The intake question form you emailed before the balance gave me time to think about my needs before we chatted on the phone. The email and conversation after the balance aligned beautifully with underling issues and gave me a better understanding of where I am at. More importantly I am feeling much better."

Tonia W


"I had a distance kinesiology session for my mare who has had trouble healing her injured leg. This was the 7th July it is now the 16th July and her leg has had good changes it is less swollen the curly hair is eventually straightening and scar is looking less angry.
Heidi is very thorough and the report I was given is very detailed. I am now getting my second horse a session hopefully with great results again.
Thank you Heidi"

Judith A


"Heidi worked her Emmett skills on my mare on several occasions with great results! Her knowledge and equine background is amazing and she taught me so much in the process.
I'm looking forward to learning more from her!"

Megan C


"I had such a wonderful, insightful distant/remote session with Heidi. I’m in South Africa and she did the session whilst she was in Australia. She is great at what she does and truly is a wealth of knowledge.

I had been struggling with letting go of a terrible trauma I experienced in an abusive relationship two years ago. I felt a big shift from my session- a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was refreshing knowing that I did not have to carry the heavy burden of the past with me any longer. Where I used to think about and re-experience the trauma daily, I now barely think about what happened. When I do, it is a much gentler and softer emotion to experience.

As well as this, I received profound insight into some of my subconscious, underlying issues, which then allowed me to consciously process these. I highly recommend Heidi. She is brilliant and an absolute pleasure to work with! Thank you, Heidi!"

Courtney B


"After 2 sessions I feel back to my old self with drive and clarity"

Aleece S