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EMMETT 4 Horses - Level 2 - MacKay, QLD - to be confirmed early 2022

Courses Offered

  • EMMETT 4 Horses - Short Course

    • EMMETT 4 Horses is about assisting the comfort of our four-legged friends (and ourselves) in a gentle and effective manner.

    • In the course I share knowledge of how to use the EMMETT Technique for Horses to relieve common muscle restrictions in your horse.

    • This is a 6hr course, which teaches four correction techniques for the horses, and two for people targeted specifically at horse owners, riders and trainers.   

    • The course is great for all horse enthusiasts and owners wanting to help their own horse/s and is also a fantastic taster for those considering the Practitioner Course who want to test the water first, including trainers, grooms, behaviorists, vet nurses, breeders and more wanting to learn a simple muscle release technique to help horses perform better and live more comfortably, from companion horses to working horses, show horses, foals to golden oldies and all horses in between.

  • EMMETT 4 Dogs - Short Course

    • The Emmett Technique - EMMETT 4 Dogs Short Course has been developed so that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to help ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life. It works equally well on humans and animals

    • This 6hr course is designed for all canine enthusiasts - it covers four moves to help your dog/s, plus two human moves that can help you as a handler.

  • EMMETT Technique - EMM-Tech Short Course

    • EMM-Tech is about assisting the comfort of our friends and family (and ourselves) in a gentle and effective manner. It is a lovey 1day course introducing you to the wonderful world of the EMMETT technique, which is a simple yet highly effective light touch muscle release technique.

    • In the course I share knowledge of how to use the EMMETT Technique for people to relieve common muscle restrictions. 

    • This is an eight-hour course, in which you’ll learn ten correction techniques.  

    • EMMETT technique can aid in the following:

      • Relive pain and muscle tension.

      • Increase range of motion and mobility.

      • Help reduce inflammation.

      • Stiffness and flexibility.

      • and much much more. 

    • The Emm-Tech short course teaches participants how to effectively produce visible body changes and experience great results. This hands-on course gives students the opportunity to gain experience by working directly with other participants. All training is closely supervised and is open to any interested members of the general public.