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Tissue salt no.5 - Kali Mur (Kalium Muriaticum or Potassium Chloride

Tissue salt no.5 - Kali Mur (Kalium Muriaticum or Potassium Chloride Is an amazing congestion remover. Assists in the removal of glandular congestion. Regulation of plasma and kidney PH. An important part of the digestion process/system, it's involved in the production of saliva and stomach acid, it's required for bile formation and emulsification of fats and also promotes the flow of pancreatic digestive enzymes. When it's deficient in the body, the following symptoms may be noticed: ✶ Light coloured stools, due to lack of bile. ✶ Lack of appetite ✶ Worse after eating fatty food. ✶ Second stage inflammation (discharges: coughs, colds, bronchitis & tonsillitis - thick & white) ✶ Congestion associated with second stage of inflammation ✶ Glandular issues (fibroids, breast lumps/cycts, endometriosis, infertility, regeneration of the endocrine glands) ✶ Sinus problems (Eustachian tube blockage) ✶ Varicose veins ✶ Mouth ulcers ✶ Very light white or grayish coating all over the tongue.


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