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Tissue salt no. 12 - Silicea (Silica or Silicon Dioxide)

Tissue salt no. 12 - Silicea (Silica or Silicon Dioxide) Silicea acts more upon the organic substances of the body, involving prominently bones, joints, glands, skin and mucous membranes/surfaces. It's action is deep and long lasting. Its the tissue salt for ailments with pus-formation. It's the remedy to promote suppuration (ripens abscesses, helps push out foreign objects that have gotten stuck in the body or in the bodies tissues). It's also the bodies calcium reorganiser. When it's deficient in the body, the following symptoms may be noticed: ✶ Sclerotic conditions (scar tissue, keloids, adhesions, scleroderma, cataracts, spurs, corns, calcification) ✶ Conditions associated with suppression of pathogenic wastes (psoriasis associated with arthritis; eczema & asthma) ✶ Disturbed tooth development ✶ Decrease in amount and density of articular cartilage ✶ Boils or abscesses that are painful but not discharging ✶ Sweaty hands, feet or armpits ✶ Athlete's foot ✶ Constipation ✶ Hair & nails are weak and break easily ✶ Building the health and strength of bones after a fracture ✶ Poor joint formation ✶ Osteoarthritis, gout, Ankylosing spondylitis ✶ Emotional (shyness, timidity, lack of self-confidence, exhaustion within the first few hours of waking) ✶ Bunions ✶ Skin fissures (cracked lips, heels etc) ✶ Wounds won't heal ✶ Nodules & pustules on scalp ✶ Chronic degenerative diseases of cardiovascular system ✶ Chronic degenerative diseases of the nervous system ✶ Cold quickly move to chest infections ✶ Mastitis with suppuration ✶ Hard, knotty & painful breasts ✶ Thought difficult; difficulty constructing thoughts due to lack of concentration


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