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Tissue salt no. 8 - Mag Phos (Magnesia Phosphorica or Magnesium Phosphate)

Tissue salt no. 8 - Mag Phos (Magnesia Phosphorica or Magnesium Phosphate) Mag Phos is an amazing nerve stabiliser, therefore a fantastic muscle relaxant and anti-spasmodic. It's also the bodies neuromuscular coordinator. It's a constituent of the white nerve fibers. A crucial element for many enzyme systems and plays a vital role in calcium metabolism. It also plays many other important roles in the body eg., vasodilator (hypertension), cardiovascular function, nervous/muscular disorders, the circulatory function, just to name a few! When it's deficient in the body, the following symptoms may be noticed: ✶ Sharp pains that come and go (eg. sciatica, neuralgia like) ✶ Headaches (migraines, nerve headaches, headaches of the eyes) ✶ Hiccups ✶ Toothache (including in babies) ✶ Nausea, upset stomach ✶ Flatulence or constipation from stress ✶ Nerve injury or inflammation ✶ Teeth grinding ✶ Stammering, stuttering, trembling ✶ Tension starting at the back of the neck and moving to the shoulders ✶ Poor memory, difficult to recall, poor concentration ✶ Low energy, fatigue ✶ Behavioral disorders in children ✶ Insomnia ✶ Craving chocolate and sugar in general ✶ Advanced deficiency symptoms (Fits, palsy, St Vitus Dance, Chorea, convulsions, Raynaud's syndrome) ✶ Emotions (irritable, agitated, addictions & cravings, impulsiveness, sensitivity, depression, anxious, despondent) ► Tip: Taking this tissue salt with a sips of hot water, helps for a quicker response!


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