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Tissue salt no.9 - Nat Mur (Natrum Muriaticum or Sodium Chloride)

Tissue salt no.9 - Nat Mur (Natrum Muriaticum or Sodium Chloride) The bodies great water distributor and balancer. Is involved in the production of hydrochloric acid and maintaining the correct levels of moisture in the system. This tissue salt works very closely with nutrition and glandular function. It also has an affinity for the bodies mucus membranes and skin. When it's deficient in the body, the following symptoms may be noticed: ✶ Dry mouth & lips ✶ Headaches with constipation ✶ Water retention, swelling, edema ✶ Dry cough & congestion ✶ Colds with watery or clear, thin mucus ✶ Cold sores, blisters or painful mouth ulcers ✶ Heartburn due to gastric fermentation and slow digestion ✶ Great excessive thirst ✶ Hayfever or lots of sneezing ✶ Drowsiness and muscular weakness ✶ Un-refreshing sleep (waking up tired) ✶ Sunstroke ✶ Toothache and facial neuralgia accompanied by flow of tears and saliva ✶ Loss of taste or smell ✶ Craving for salt or salty things ✶ Involuntary movements of the legs ✶ Emotions (hopelessness, melancholy, deep grief, despondent, control issues)

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